Gimpscape Creative Talk Report

Gimpscape Creative Talk (GCT) is a contributive event held by the Gimpscape ID Community. In this first edition, GCT was held to collect donations which would later be forwarded to Ubuntu Studio devs. This event is also part of the Road to LOUCA23 which will be held in October 2023 in Surakarta. The reason why we decided to help Ubuntu Studio is as a form of appreciation and support for the Ubuntu Studio devs who have worked hard voluntarily providing distros for creative workers to this day. Gimpscape, which is also an open source design community that directly intersects with this, feels the need to contribute to Ubuntu Studio. We think this is a good opportunity to collaborate better in the future.

GCT is held online through the Kelas Gimpscape. There were 6 speakers who also joined voluntarily in this activity;
– Ibnu Hajar Asqolani (UI UX Designer & Founder of Babaibnu Studio)
– Raymond Sutanto (Creative Commons Indonesia)
– Nugroho Dwi Hartawan (Design Mentor & Senior Gimpscape Member)
– Faris Ahza Bakhtiar (Moderator of Blender Indonesia Community)
– Alfin Abdurrafi (3D Illustrator & Design Mentor)
– Putra Al Banjary (Layout Designer & Content Creator

We also provide live broadcasts through the Gimspcape YouTube channel which anyone can follow freely. The records may be published in the coming days.

The total donation that was successfully collected through GCT is:

IDR 2.936.789 (approximately $195 based on the exchange rate on June 26, 2023) which will be distributed to the Ubuntu Studio developer.

The following are the names of donors involved in the GCT event:

  • Abas
  • Budi
  • ChotibulStudio
  • Eko Arfin Ode
  • Fadilah Riczky
  • Faisal
  • Hari sucahyo
  • Herbanu
  • Iis Nur Siamil
  • Indra Arta Kusuma
  • Irfanpule
  • Jauhari Subhi
  • Mohammad Qowaidul Umam
  • Nenggala Kreatif ID
  • Nur Ishak
  • Riffadi
  • Setyo
  • slowops
  • Sobat Inkscape (anonim)
  • Teguh Prasetyo
  • wawan
  • Yayasan Komunitas Open Source
  • Yudha Agung Gumelar

*Names are sorted alphabetically, and do not refer to any criteria

Thank you to all the speakers and donors involved in this activity. And thanks to the activity organizers who helped organize this event, Bayu Aji, Rania Amina, & Sofyan Sugianto. We realize that what can be produced from this activity is certainly not much financially to help developers, but hopefully this activity can be a trigger and inspiration for other contributing activities in the future.

The donation has been submitted via Liberapay with a value of $195

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